Friday, July 9, 2010

Naomi Campbell Vanity Fair Italy July 2010

"Che bello avere anni"
The interview, if you can call that this rhapsody of words constantly interrupted with a person who, meanwhile, does a thousand other things, begins with the first discovery: Naomi follows football.Show me, all happy, a series of photos on her cell phone in Paris, godmother of the trunk in which he traveled Vuitton Cup. "I just touched with gloves because, by tradition, are only those that win that can be touched with bare hands. Did you know?".  by Paola Jacobbi more below
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Not really. For those fans at the World Cup? "I cheered for Brazil and for Ghana: sin have been removed. Too bad also for Argentina, I like Maradona, and I like how the team plays. You Italians have played rather badly. "

What is the most important quality to make it? 
"Do not jump down if you are not taken to a casting. Think always:" It's nothing personal. " Easy to say, hard to put into practice. " 

Its success has done much for the affirmation of black models. 
"Not enough. The situation has improved, but we are still indietrissimo. An event like the Black Issue ofVogue Italy is an exception. It would take more Franca Sozzani in the world. Vogue. it enhances the beauty very ethnic. But it remains the only '. 

So how are those 40 years? 
"Beautiful. On the other hand, is full of beautiful women of 40 years. I do not pose too many problems.Physically I'm fine. " 

And mentally? 
"I'm active, I want to do much. I do not think of retiring. She sees me as I am. Multi-tasking, if I'm still bored. This outside. Inside, are much quieter than once. " 

The full interview in Vanity Fair n.27/2010 on newsstands Wednesday, July 7