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Hi my name is Tiffany and welcome to Beauty Is Diverse. I created this site to debunk the myth that women of various ethnic backgrounds don't receive work in the fashion industry. I hope you enjoy this blog women from all ethnic backgrounds are visible on this blog. Beauty is more than colour, its about the beauty of our cultures, languages, and lifestyles.

The fashion industry spans the entire globe from New York, to Paris, to South Africa, Shanghai and more.  When we as citizens of the globe take the time to look at the industry in it's entirety we will realize how diverse it is not just in terms of the models displaying the clothing.  But in terms of all of the designers, the stylist, the pattern makers, photographers, fashion editors, everyone who makes fashion a multi billion dollar industry.

About Me. My name is Tiffany I was born and raised in Toronto , Canada.  Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the Capital of Ontario.  Toronto is one of the most diverse city's in the world. I grew up , went to school , work along and have friends from many different nations around the globe. Toronto was originally inhabited by the Huron Tribes and the name derives from the Iroquois word tkaronto, meaning "place where trees stand in the water".   I am of Barbadian descent.

I have a diploma in Fashion Design which I acquired from The International Academy of Design and Technology {Toronto}. 


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