Saturday, June 5, 2010

Claudia Schiffer Can Rock an Afro If She Wants Too

Now I usually don't talk about race etc because I always find it to be a waste of time since race was created to only cause confusion which we all should know by now.  Recently many blogs have been asking if the 1 photo out of 6 of Claudia Schiffer photographed by Karl Lagerfeld wearing an afro is offensive or racist.  No I am not offended nor do I think it's racist, one reason being I don't wear my hair in an afro so why would I be offended if someone is rocking a hairstyle that I don't even wear ?? . Second why can't a women of European descent wear her hair in a curly afro, women of African descent wear long straight weaves/extensions {I wear weaves}.  Many women of African descent also perm or flat iron their hair { I don't perm but I do flat iron}.  Must we also assume that any time someone of European ethnicity puts on an Afro that they are trying to insult someone of African ethnicity?  

Here is a photo of Dominican model Arlenis Sosa wearing a blond wig, is she insulting a European women by wearing a blond wig or is she embodying Marilyn Monroe? Why can women of any other ethnic group straighten, flat iron, perm, Japanese perm, do anything to make their hair straight but a European women can't wear a curly Afro, come on now folks !!!