Monday, April 12, 2010

UZOMA African Fashion and Lifestyle

I came across UZOMA over the weekend and wanted to share pieces from the collection with everyone.

Uzoma creates modern, wearable, distinctive clothes, fusing typical ,African‘ materials with classic syling. The garments are chiefly made from pure natural fibres particularly the brightly colored ,African wax print‘.

This debut limited and handmade collection features prints inspired by geometric, nature and objects offering one-of-a-kind clothing for cosmopolitans.Light up your day!The collection presents fresh motifs, vibrant colors and eyecatching patterns creating a joyful atmosphere. It‘s style is simple, feminine, and playful. Tops, dresses and skirts can be worn to many occasions, including evening, business and leisure.Be inspired!The garments display African Aphorisms, contemporary phenomena and a subtle humour while flirting with ethnicity.

UZOMA, the clothing label of entrepreneur Monye Maduwuihe, is a fusion of sleek designs and ethnic stimulus. The present collection is her ode to Africa. The limited handmade range includes unique pieces for women many of them made using limited-run fabrics, meaning that once they are out of stock, they can’t be replenished. Garments destined to become collector’s item. The output being tops, dresses and skirts featuring bold prints, colorful patterns and a tongue-in-cheek humour. Uzoma is exclusively available through company own website and exclusive retailers.

UZOMA (Oo-Zoo-Mah)? Is igbo (a language spoken in southeastern Nigeria) and means a „good way“ and for Monye Maduwuihe it symbolises her journey through life. Studying sociology and working as a model, she caught attention of fashion world discovering her passion for fashion and flair which she turned into „Uzoma“ 2010. Her background, growing up in Germany with a jamaican mother and a nigerian father, has greatly influenced her perspective.

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