Monday, April 12, 2010

Tangent Magazine 03 'BOLD'

Tangent Magazine is creating an online fashion universe with their opulent underground aesthetic. The third issue ‘Bold’ has landed and Tangent Magazine wants to take you on a fashion journey. Have you ever looked through the bottom of a glass and watched the world in distortion? It is our mission to take that glass and put it over the world of fashion for you. The ‘Bold’ issue communicates a creative vision of fashion without compromise. Director, Emmanuel Giraud, and, Editor Heather Cairns, endeavour to push the message that fashion is not just about the function of dress, fashion is a tool for personal expression.

The fashion editorials showcase creative talents whose vision is united by putting fashion into an experimental context. ‘Bold’ takes you from avant-garde designers Trimäpee, to New York’s enfant terrible Contessa Stuto, all content dedicated to those who live out their fashion fantasies. The cover is dedicated to Alexander McQueen, who boldly expressed his way of seeing through his craft.

‘Bold’ will be celebrated during the 15th anniversary of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.  Tagent Magazine is based in Australia check out their website.