Thursday, April 22, 2010

NEXT.CO.UK | Mini Movie Premiering Friday April 23

Shot by Ben Watts, the fashion editors photographer of choice, it offers an upbeat celebration of this summers key fashion themes: vibrant colour, floral print and denim revival. The narrative follows supermodels EMANUELA DE PAULA and AMY HIXSON on a road trip from West Hollywood along Americas iconic Route 66. Its a high-spirited escape from the urban jungle of LA all apparently captured by Emanuelas own camera.

On the way, the girls pull into gas stations and road-side diners the authentic pitstops of the dusty asphalt trail known in myth and fable as Americas main street. And they play road-tag with a posse of cool dudes on vintage motorbikes. These include heartthrob NATHAN BOGLE, the (almost) impossibly handsome DIN YATES, and actor-model of the moment JON KORTAJARENA.

Everyones destination? A house in the Mojave desert, where the Dandy Warhols provide the perfect soundtrack to a great pool party hosted by top west coast DJ, ZEN FREEMAN. The message is clear. In the long hot summer of 2010, anyone can feel Bohemian like NEXTs Amy, Emanuela, Nathan, Din and Jon.