Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rethink What Matters

Bare Escentuals wants to know "What are you rethinking in 2010", this campaign is about improving what you've got.  Every week new topics for you to discuss are over  at rethinkwhatmatters.  

The Rethink Campaign Contest will run for nine weeks total, with the first set of Rethink questions going out on 1.22.10 (Week 1) and the last set of Rethink questions going out on 3.19.10 (Week 9). The contest will end on 3.26.10.

What matters to me in 2010, on a personal level developing my 5-10 year plan .

Continuing to exercise on a regular basis,  eating healthy.  

Complete a certificate program that I will be starting next week, which will help me advance into a new career.

Develop my personal style, travel more and continue to experience new cultures and people.

What are you rethinking in 2010? Feel free to share. !