Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dispelling the Myths about Hair Oil

Still hesitant to use hair oils even though they are the hottest trend in salons across the country?  Let Macadamia Natural Oil dispel the common concerns and open your beauty routine to the most simple, effective solution to beautiful hair.

Myth 1:  Using hair oil, such as Macadamia Natural Oil, will make my scalp and hair greasy.
Fact:  Oils such as Macadamia and Argan are absorbed quickly into the hair and scalp leaving no greasy residue (as seen with serums or other shine products).  Macadamia Nut Oil is an essential fatty acid, yet has the uncanny similarity and ability to mimic the body’s own natural oils, allowing for unparalleled absorption and rapid penetration into hair and skin.

Be a Nut! Take the Macadamia challenge and rub a pump of the oil into your hands.  After 5 minutes, check your hands.  You’ll be amazed!

Myth 2:  I cant use oil on my fine hair.
Fact:  Hair Oil is unbiased when it comes to hair type or hair length.  From kinky and curly to fine or thin, hair oils such as Macadamia Natural Oil can be used on all types.  Share it in the shower or horde it for yourselves, this hair oil is created equal!
Be a Nut!  Still gun-shy about oils? Use half a pump on your first use.

Myth 3: All oils are the same
Fact:  No!  In fact not only are there many different types of oils such as macadamia nut, argan, acai, flaxseed, sweet almond, sunflower and coconut, but the extraction process also varies greatly and can play a critical role in the oil’s efficacy.

Be a Nut! Soothe your skin, hair and senses by adding a few drops of oil in your next bath.

Myth 4: I have temperamental skin and I am afraid using oil will cause break outs on the skin around my hair line.
Fact:  The benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil aren't just for the hair.  As mentioned earlier, this particular oil mimics the body’s own natural oil, replenishing the body of of the oils that leave the skin due to everyday environmental factors.  Trust us, no one is dare suggesting that you rub baby oil or mineral oil anywhere near your skin!  But the oils used in Macadamia Natural Oil are as restorative and beneficial to the skin on your face, as the skin on your head!

Be a Nut!  Apply oil on dry skin spots such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Myth 5: I As long as I eat foods with essential fatty acids like salmon and walnuts, my hair will be healthy.
Fact: While it is true that a diet rich in omega 3’s is beneficial to the skin and hair as well as the heart, it is definitely not the most effective way to restore the health of the hair.  In fact, studies show that ingesting foods that contain omega 3’s and applying them topically with an oil such as Macadamia Oil, will provided added benefits and maximum effect.

Be a Nut! Massage any left over oil into your cuticles and see how quickly your hands and nails drink up the moisture!

I love using oils in my hair, it helps to promote growth and keeps my hair healthy.